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Introduction: What You’ll Get Out of This Guide
Introduction: Who is This Guide For?
Introduction: Why Launch a Digital Product?
Introduction: Types of Digital Products You Can Start Creating
Introduction: To Go DIY Or Outsource?

Chapter 1: The Bare Essentials You’ll Need to Run a Digital Product Business
Chapter 1: Domain Name and Web Hosting
Chapter 1: Payment Processor
Chapter 1: Product Management System
Chapter 1: How to Choose the Right Product Management System

Chapter 2: How to Create Your Own Hot-Selling Ebook
Chapter 2: The Basics
Chapter 2: ‘Gather and Compile’
Chapter 2: What to Write About?
Chapter 2: How To Research For Hot Topics
Chapter 2: Types of Ebook You Can Create
Chapter 2: Creating Your Ebook
Chapter 2: Put In The ‘WOW Factor’
Chapter 2: Production Values And Creating An Experience For Your Readers

Chapter 3: How to Create Software
Chapter 3: Types of Software You Can Create
Chapter 3: Outsourcing Your Software
Chapter 3: Communication and Handling of the Project
Chapter 3: How To Create A Wireframe For Your Software

Chapter 4: How to Create a Video Course
Chapter 4: Tools, Resources And Equipment You’ll Need
Chapter 4: What Kind of Videos Can You Shoot?
Chapter 4: 7 Best Tips For Creating Your Video Course
Chapter 4: Uploading Your Videos
Chapter 4: Optimize Your Video Details To Attract Traffic

Chapter 5: Creating Your Offer
Chapter 5: Copywriting And Persuasive Writing Basics
Chapter 5: Sales Page Design
Chapter 5: Page Design Tools
Chapter 5: Pricing Your Product: How Much?

Chapter 6: How to Add Your Product in JVZoo

Chapter 7: Ready, Set, Launch!

Chapter 7: The Pre-Launch Phase: How To Build Buzz Around Your Product
Chapter 7: A Quick Checklist Prior To Your Launch
Chapter 7: The Launch Phase: Liftoff!
Chapter 7: Post Launch Phase: Continue Growing Your Business