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Hello there and congratulations on purchasing this eBook! Congratulations are most certainly in order as you have just made a decision that could help you begin earning a huge supplementary and passive income to make life that little bit easier.

In fact, if everything goes to plan, you may even be able to replace your current income entirely with this new business venture and begin enjoying truly passive revenue while at the same time achieving complete financial freedom.

Sounds too good to be true? Well maybe it does but nevertheless it’s something that happens for countless internet marketers on a regular basis. Thousands of people have managed to make huge amounts of money using this strategy – this is a tried and tested method that’s entirely easy to replicate and almost fool-proof.

And what is this strategy exactly? It’s the creation and sale of digital products of course (the title probably gave it away). And throughout the course of this book we’re going to go over all the details and steps to help you set up just such a business. Selling digital products is easy when you know how, it’s something that everyone can do and it’s proven to work.

Once you give it a go and get a taste for truly passive income, no doubt you’re going to be hooked. And that’s when everything can start to change. So make yourself a cup of coffee, sit down somewhere comfortable and get ready for your life to start changing…





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