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To Go DIY Or  Outsource?

To create a product of your own you have three choices. One is to create the product yourself, which is probably the best route to go down if you can because it means you’ll be able to take tight control over its creation and that way offer something genuinely new and interesting. Of course this takes the most time and skill though and not everyone will have the means necessary.

Option number two then, is to outsource the creation of your product. This might mean hiring a coder to create some software for you, or a writer to write your book. This means investing some capital upfront but you might be surprised at how affordably you can get good service for. You’ll lose some control this way but you’ll still ultimately remain in charge of the creative direction and you’ll be able to make changes as you go along.

Finally, the third option is to simply buy the rights such as private label rights and resell rights products. This is the quickest way to get going but means you’ll most likely compete with others selling the same product.

As creating your own product is the best option, that’s what we’re going to be focusing on in this book. In subsequent chapters we’ll look in more detail at how to create each product and how to get it to really sell.

Now it’s time to get practical!