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And there you have it! Now you have your very own digital product selling through JVZoo and an army of affiliates out there helping it to sell. There’s nothing else you need to do and your sales are going to continue coming in completely passively while you relax. Now you’re ready to start working on your next product!

The most important thing to take away from this is that you can stand to make a lot of money with no upfront investment and no overheads by launching a digital product. To do that though, you need to create a product you really believe in, you need to really make it stand out and you need to give it a value proposition that will appeal to your buyers. Remember to ask yourself: would you buy it?

You then want to set everything up in the quickest and most proven way which means using a PayPal account and JVZoo. This handles everything for you so once you have your product and your materials you won’t need to worry about anything else.

But something we haven’t touched on yet is to have the right attitude and approach to this product. Don’t be devastated if your book or program isn’t an immediate hit overnight; these things take time and even an element of luck. So instead of setting out to get rich right away, pick a niche and a topic you enjoy and just enjoy the process. Churn out a few projects, get into the swing of things and you’ll eventually see that the rewards start coming in. Big time.