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The Pre-Launch Phase: How To Build Buzz Around Your Product

Before you launch, you might want to start building hype. If you have your own social media followers, your own website or blog or any other type of audience, then you can use these channels to get your existing fans excited for what you’re about to launch. The sooner you start mentioning your product, the more momentum you can build so start out with early teases and then gradually drip-feed more information. A mailing list is perhaps the best tool of all for this and if you have a website and aren’t already building a list, this is something you should start on right away.

You can also build hype by discussing your product in forums and on Reddit and even by trying to get coverage on other sites (this might mean writing a press release).

Likewise, you should also start building hype among affiliates and getting them excited to start selling your products. Just because you aren’t using WSO Pro, that doesn’t mean you can’t start building anticipation there and discussing your launch with those marketers and business owners. Again, Digital Point Forums is also a good choice.

Another useful strategy for building anticipation between both affiliates and customers is to give them somewhere they can sign up for more information, such as a JV page for affiliates and pre-launch page for customers. For customers this means creating a mailing list and opt-in form with an autoresponder like Aweber. For affiliates you can set up an affiliate recruitment page. The more details you collect, the easier it will be to reach out when you come to launch your product.

Also useful is to spend time in the build up to your launch creating marketing materials. This will really help your product to stand out on JVZoo and will encourage a lot more affiliates you want to make it as EASY as possible for people to start promoting your product because that will benefit everyone. So create banner ads, videos, landing page scripts and more. The more materials you give them the better.