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The Launch     Phase: Liftoff!

On launch day you need to start shouting about your product from the rooftops. Again, this means posting in all the relative forums and messaging your own followers in any way you can. At the same time, it means running promotions and events and schemes all to help generate that initial momentum.

One useful tool that JVZoo provides for instance is the ‘affiliate contest feature’ which can help you to get more sales by generating some healthy competition among your affiliates.

Also very useful is to use ‘scarcity’ which is a great way to encourage rapid sales and to make a bigger splash on day one. Scarcity basically means limiting the number of your products, or alternatively imposing a time limit on some kind of offer.

For instance, you can offer a 50% discount for the first two weeks which will help you to get a big influx of sales right at the start. Again, JVZoo includes a feature that can help – its ‘dimesale options’ allows you to increase the price each time a sale is made. This creates an awesome sense of urgency and can help generate impulsive sales.