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Chapter 6: How to Add Your Product in JVZoo

One of the great things about JVZoo is how simple it is to use compared with some of the competition. To get started, you’ll first just need to sign up for an account. Signing up is easy. Simply go to and click the Become a Seller button:

This is an easy and straightforward process and there’s no fee for signing up.

Once you’re in, you then need to go to Sellers > Sellers Dashboard > Add a Product.


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Now you just need to fill in the details, upload your graphics and your file and then click to save your product! It really is that easy and this is one of the things that makes JVZoo such a great choice.

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The details you’ll need to enter include:

  • Product Name (The name of your book or software)
  • Allow Sales (Whether or not you’re ready to start marketing)
  • Show in Marketplace (Whether or not you want your product to be listed in their store)
  • Currency (USD, GBP, EUR etc.)
  • Product Price (This also gives you the option to decide how often you want to pay for uses such as memberships and whether you want to offer a trial)
  • Commission Payout Percentage (How much you’re willing to pay your affiliates)
  • Quantity (Leave this empty if you want it to be unlimited)
  • Support Email Address (Set up an email on at your domain name so that it looks professional)
  • And/Or Support URL (If you’d rather not get direct emails)
  • Landing Page/Sales Funnel/Squeeze Page (The URL of the landing page you created)
  • Send All Traffic to Sales Page After Launch Date/Time (This is just a yes/no option)
  • Sales Page URL (Enter the direct URL to your sales page)
  • WF Backup Sales Page URL (this is a URL hosted at JVZooforums)
  • Delivery Method (This can be a protected download or thank you page, the former is recommended)
  • Affiliate Approval (Decide if this will be manual or automatic
  • Affiliate Terms. This is usually used to set rules/guides for affiliates who want to promote your product.
  • Notes to Affiliates. This is a great place to promote your affiliate program. Use it to feature any contest, prizes and incentives you may have to incline the affiliate to promote your product.
  • Archive Product (Y/N). If you want to archive your product so that it won’t be listed in your products list, choose Yes.

Remember: affiliates are a really powerful tool for helping your product to sell and the more you can get behind you the more successful you’ll be.

This means you want to do everything possible to try and encourage affiliates to come on board and to start helping you sell.

That in turn means you need to make your product more tempting than the competition – so set the commission to be as high as you can, use automatic approval and generally again make it EASY for people to start selling your product.

This is nerve wracking but in the long term it will really pay off. Quite literally!