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Sales   Page Design

Finally, you have to ensure that the ‘action’ part of your plan doesn’t fall through. This is why you need to make it as easy as possible for customers to click buy, and using the right product management system and payment processor will help you to do this. Make sure your ‘buy’ button is big, red and in the bottom right of the page (known as the ‘terminal point’) you can also lace it throughout your content to encourage impulse buys.

Make sure that your landing/sales page doesn’t have any links taking visitors away from it (even to other parts of your site) and ensure you use lots of headings and bold text to break things up. Remember that a lot of people skim read, so you need to ensure your message still comes across.

Often sales page text will be structured as one long, narrow block of content. This is used to encourage users to scroll further and further down the page – an act that makes them feel more invested and committed by the time they reach the bottom.

You could write and design it using a traditional Internet marketing style sales page like the following:


IMAGE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Or you could go for a more modern, professional look such as

IMAGE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Both examples are effective and considered direct response salesletters.