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Tools, Resources And Equipment You’ll Need

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While a bad workman might blame his tools, the right tools in fact make all the difference when it comes to developing high quality and professional video courses. Here are some things that you should invest in if you want to really deliver great quality in your courses:


If you don’t want to go in front of the camera yourself the good news is that you maybe don’t have to! If you are teaching something that is digital in nature then you can instead just record your computer screen while you go over how to use Photoshop/how to program in Visual Basic. Alternatively, you can create tutorials and presentations using a slideshow in which case you again only need to record the screen at the same time as using a slideshow (choose Microsoft Office).

Camtasia ( is for PC and Mac and ScreenFlow ( is for Mac. Both allow you to record what’s happening on your computer screen and you can then add a voice track to create a useful tutorial video that looks professional.

High Quality Camera

If you are going in front of the camera, then you’re going to need a high quality camera in order to record in high definition. This will make a huge difference so either invest in a good one.

For starters, you could get away with a $100 webcam such as the Logitech range.

The webcam on the left is a Logitech C920 which is a Full HD camera and takes high quality video.

If you want to go a step further, you can invest in a DSLR camera such as a Canon 700D which is a high-end but entry level DSLR that does a great job of taking professional videos and photos.


Finally, you could always use your smartphone such as an iPhone or Android. Most smartphones these days record full HD video.

There are also third-party apps that you can download to your phone which give you more options when recording video compared to the built-in video recorder on your smartphone. One example is called MoviePro. With MoviePro you can pause, select all sorts of resolutions and several focusing options.

Also important is to get a mic. Poor sound quality can otherwise completely ruin the professionalism of your videos.

If you’re just starting out, the built-in mic on your laptop should work fine. However, if you want your videos to have to extra professionalism to them then invest in a high quality microphone such as the RODE Podcaster.


If you plan on doing videos where you’re presenting, a backdrop may be necessary to have a clean background. Your backdrop needs to look professional for filming. Either you can set up an area in your home/office that looks professional, or you can rent a room with a green screen from somewhere like a public library. A third option is to create your own ‘infinite white’ backdrop which is surprisingly easy using bright lights and bedsheet pulled out.

You can purchase a professional set from eBay for about $100 with softbox lightning, too.


Editing will give your videos the extra professional sheen they need and will include things like cutting between different shots, adding effects and adding captions etc. The best editing software by far is Adobe Premier, while Adobe After Effects can help you to add the effects you want. This software is expensive but there’s a month’s free trial so if you work fast you won’t need to pay. You can get the whole suite at