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Optimize Your Video Details To Attract Traffic

IMAGES AND LINKS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

When uploading your videos to sites like YouTube, it’s wise to take some time to use informative, descriptive and keyword-rich details.

Typically you’ll need to enter the following details:

Title: The title is the name of the video. This is the most important detail of your video, as most browsers will look at the title first. Keep the title short, informative, and on point.

Description: Most services will allow you to enter more details of what your video is about. Use this area to share a URL for more information regarding your video. It’s definitely a great way to drive traffic.

Tags: Tags are essentially keywords or phrases. Use relevant keywords to attract people who are searching for those. A tip is to use the names and companies related to your video as tags.

Thumbnail: Nowadays, thumbnails are more crucial than ever. It is now more common for people to first look at the thumbnail and then the video title. Usually with video services like YouTube, a thumbnail is automatically produced. You want to avoid using it and instead use your own. An image together with a title will make a great thumbnail. Here are some examples: