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7 Best Tips For Creating Your Video Course

These tips will help you to ensure your videos look and sound professional:

  • Read from a script – This will help you to avoid stuttering and ‘umming’ or ‘ahing’ which can otherwise undermine your message.
  • Practice – Make sure that you don’t sound like a robot when you Practice reading from a script without sounding like you’re reading from a script…
  • Add music – If your presentation skills leave something to be desired, music will fill in the awkward pauses and make everything seem that much more professional. It’s worth spending a few dollars on some music you can use in order to drastically increase your production values.
  • Add an opener – A video opener is the little opening montage that you see at the start of YouTube videos. Again you can outsource the creation of these and they will help to greatly increase the overall quality of your videos.
  • Don’t overdo the effects – This is a real giveaway that the editor is Less is more, so don’t make everything blue and wavy…
  • Cut between angles – Cutting to different angles during your presentation will help to lend your shots a more dynamic quality and make them feel less ‘awkward’.
  • Look after yourself! – Finally, don’t forget to take care of your looks. This would be a good time to get a haircut and some new threads which will lend you more authority. Would you take advice from someone who hasn’t shaved in months?