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Types of Software You Can Create

In terms of practical software, there are several main types that I recommend you consider as0 a beginner selling digital products for the first time. These include desktop software, apps, SaaS and plugins.

Desktop Software: Desktop software will normally be a content creation tool or a B2B product. Examples might include things like appointment management software, a programming tool, video editing, word processing or something else along these lines. This type of software is very complex to create but tends to sell for the highest price. The objective will ultimately be to save the buyer time and money and you’ll have more luck if you can do this by offering something new that your competition doesn’t have. Note that when you create desktop software you’ll have to decide whether to target PC or Mac users or whether to create a new Metro App for Windows 8/8.1/10.

Apps: Apps are basically smaller and more compact versions of desktop programs. An app can be something commercial like a diary or a tool to find where you parked your car, or it can again be something for business/content creation. Apps in the stores tend to sell for a few dollars at most but if you sell elsewhere you can actually charge a lot more – some B2B apps sell for $30-$200.

SaaS: This is an acronym for ‘Software-as-a-Serice’ and can also be described as a ‘web app’. Web apps and software based services include the likes of Evernote and Feedly. These are tools that users sign up to and then log into. Often they charge a monthly subscription.

On the downside, this type of software can be complex and difficult to code and it also has higher running costs due to things like server strain and maintenance/support/updates. On the other hand though, services provide you with monthly income as opposed to one off fees which provides a more steady income and which can potentially result in huge sales.

Plugins: Plugins are small web apps that can be used on websites and specifically WordPress websites. For instance, you might build a spam filter and then sell that to WordPress users who want to protect their comments sections. Plugins are a good choice because you’ll be selling to other online businesses (which is often the best market – hence the popularity of digital marketing ebooks) and because they’re well understood and widely applicable.