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Outsourcing   Your Software

When it comes to making your software you again have the option of either creating it yourself, or outsourcing the process to a coder. If you already know how to program, then there’s nothing I can do to shed further light on that subject matter and if you don’t then teaching you is beyond the scope of this book.

Thus we’ll focus instead on outsourcing, which again will mean finding a freelancer from sites like, or PeoplePerHour. Make sure to check the credentials of your coders thoroughly, to look at examples of their previous work and to arrange a price and payment scheme that works for you.

One decision you’ll have to make is whether you’re going to pay hourly or a fixed rate. Of course the smartest decision here is always going to depend on the size of your project and the speed of the coder. As a general rule though, fixed rates tend to be preferable as that way you can budget more precisely and you know that you’re not going to exceed what you can afford. This also gives your coder more incentive to work quickly.