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How To Create A Wireframe For Your Software

There are a vast number of web based tools out there which you can use to illustrate how you want your software to be laid out. This is especially useful for those who aren’t designers and tech savvy.

One example tool is called MockFlow (

Using MockFlow you can create diagrams for the user interface of your software.


In less than a minute, I created this wireframe:

Once you have finished creating your wireframes, it’s as simple as exporting the files and passing it along to your developer.

One last piece of advice is to avoid putting off selling your software. Something to bear in mind here is that software can be upgraded live and you can keep adding features and polishing UI elements. In other words, it doesn’t need to be 100% perfect when you first release it because it will remain a work in progress for a long time yet.

Too many software developers will end up becoming perfectionists and delaying their launch to the point where it becomes too late or they lose interest. Instead, take a ‘fail fast’ approach. Launch fast and once you see there’s a market for what you’re selling, you can start improving the package. Take your MVP (minimal viable project) and get it out there. If no one buys it, you know not to invest any more time and effort and can instead pursue your next product.

Take a look at all the elements you can simply “drag-and-drop” to create your wireframe: