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Communication and Handling of the Project

One piece of advice when working with any coder is to be incredibly specific when describing the features and specifications of your software. If you leave anything open to interpretation then they will likely go ahead and make executive decisions that you might not necessarily approve of, or they might make shortcuts.

Think about the small details, like the way you want your menu to open – should it be animated? Will that animation include an ‘ease in’ in order to make it appear more natural, polished and organic? Note that it’s not always easy to make changes or undo decisions – the way software works means that one element will often be closely linked to countless other elements across the code. Sometimes what seems like a very simple change can actually end up upsetting the entire program and set you back weeks, so it’s always better to get it right first time!

Choosing a nearby coder is often a good idea because it means you’ll be able to discuss in person and actually discuss various elements while the program is there running right in front of you. It’s worth paying a little more for someone who is in your city and willing to meet. Another option of course is to work with a friend or colleague. If you do this though, then you need to ensure you agree on the split of profits up-front as this can lead to misunderstandings and arguments otherwise. Also important is to ensure you choose to work with someone who is as serious about the project as you are and who has a similar attitude to business. If you choose to work with someone and they lose interest a few months down the line, this will end up stalling the project and it can again place a strain on your relationship.