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What to Write  About?

The biggest decision of all when it comes to creating an ebook is deciding on what it will be about and what you’re going to write/pay for. The key here is to provide valuable information so that people are willing to pay for it and so that you can tout a real ‘value proposition’ and tug on those emotional strings.

They say that ‘everyone has a book in them’ and this is actually just as true for ebooks and informational products as it is for fiction novels. Just because you aren’t an expert in physical fitness or in making money online, that doesn’t mean you can’t sell an ebook.

Instead, ask yourself what you are an expert in. It may be that you consider yourself to be one of the best at whatever job it is you do. In that case, this will be the perfect choice for your book. If you do stage lighting then your ebook can very well be about stage lighting. If you’re a plumber, then make your book on ‘how to set up a plumbing business’.

You might think that these topics are pretty niche and pretty specialist but actually that’s a big advantage in many ways as it means you’ll have less competition to go against. This means you’ll find it easier to use PPC (pay per click) advertising and there will probably be affiliates out there who have their own plumbing website and would love to earn some extra cash by selling an affiliate product from it!

Fitness is a great topic but you’ll be going up against tough competition. A slightly more specific niche on the other hand will allow you to be a ‘big fish’ in a small pond. Even if you aren’t writing the ebook yourself, choosing an industry or niche you’re familiar with will make it easier for you to market your product and it will make it easier to find the best routes to market.

The only thing you must ask yourself when trying to assess whether or not your topic is suitable, is whether you are going to be able to sell it. Is there an audience out there who will really benefit from what you’re selling? Are you offering something new? And most importantly of all – would you buy it if you weren’t the one writing it?