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The Basics

When someone buys an ebook, what do they expect? Normally an eBook is:

  • A PDF document
  • Well formatted

Well written with multiple sections and chapters

  • Information to be packed with valuable content

If your ebook fulfills at least those criteria, then your buyers shouldn’t be disappointed.

To make your ebook you will either write it yourself, pay a writer, or buy the rights to a book you can then sell.

If you opt for the second choice, how do you go about finding someone to write your book?

One option is to ask friends and even Facebook contacts. Chances are that you must know someone who is good at writing and often they will be happy to share their skill for a little cash. If you provide them with the structure and the details, they can then turn this into a fully-fledged book.

If you don’t know anyone who is willing to write your book for you, then you have a few other options. One is to look for a content agency. There are many such companies on the web and a quick Google search should usually help you to discover at least a few of them. Finally, you might instead choose to look for a freelancer directly.

You can find these on the aforementioned Warrior Forum, as well as the similar marketing forum ‘Digital Point’. Alternatively you can use specific freelancer sites like oDesk (, Elance ( or People Per Hour ( You normally shouldn’t expect to spend more than $2-$5 per hundred words meaning that the cost of developing your ebook will be between $200-$500. You do get what you pay for to an extent though and you should always be sure to get a sample article from your writers before you go ahead. If English isn’t your first language, then get someone fluent to check it over for you.