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Put In The ‘WOW    Factor’

The most important point when creating your ebook though is to make sure that you deliver value and quality. This means writing an in-depth analysis of the subject you’re tackling so that people feel like they’ve had a comprehensive introduction/overview. At the same time, it also means providing some genuinely new ideas so that people come away feeling as though they have had some kind of insight they won’t have gotten elsewhere. This should be apparent from your title.

Again, make sure your title really promotes your value proposition and sounds unique and different. It’s not enough just to write a basic overview of a topic and expect it to sell – it won’t. You need that ‘X factor’ or WOW factor that would convince YOU to put down cash if you were a buyer.

A book called ‘A Beginners Guide to Bodybuilding’ simply will not sell. Why? Because it’s not exciting, it’s not interesting and it doesn’t sell the vision. There are a million beginners’ guides to bodybuilding. And as an ebook, your buyers will know they’re not getting anything that they couldn’t find themselves on Google. It’s simply not enough.

However, a book called ‘Cardio Acceleration: The Most Powerful Strategy for Burning Fat and Building Muscle in Record Time’ will sell. Why? Because it clearly discusses something that readers might not know about, it sells the vision and it sounds interesting. People see that title and they visualize the ways it could help them and they imagine what it might be about. That’s how you choose an ebook title.

Do a little research to see what product titles were used for top selling ebooks in your industry.