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How To Research For Hot Topics

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If you’re still struggling for ideas on what to write and you’re still unsure whether your idea is a good one, then it can often be a good idea to do some background research.

One way to do this is to take a look at the top sellers on JVZoo. You can find those at:

By looking at these you can get a feel for the kind of thing that sells well. What you’ll probably notice is that a lot of these products focus on making money or running online businesses. The reason these are so successful is because people are more willing to spend money when they believe they’re going to make that money back. At the same time, making money is something that gives people a very clear ‘value proposition’ and is an easy sell.

If you want to do something along these lines then you can compete directly by creating another ‘make money product’ and in likelihood you’ll find there’s a big audience there waiting.

Alternatively, you might choose instead to try something completely different in order to stand out. Going the route of selling a book about a specific industry is also a good option because it is niche while still promising to help buyers make cash.

Another great way to is browse to Amazon’s best selling books in a category of your choice.

You can go directly there here:

Take a look at the sheer amount of catergories available to view:

Selecting a category will then bring up sub-categories:

You’ll then be able to view Amazon’s Best Sellers: