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Product   Management System

Your product management system is the tool you’re going to use to manage the sale of your products. This will help you to create a sales funnel through which you can start generating sales and cash and it will make it much easier for everything to look professional.

Product management systems also tend to come with their own built-in audiences and especially something like WSO Pro. Most importantly of all though, a tool like JVZoo will make it easy for you to use affiliates. What this means is that you’ll be able to pay commission on sales to people who market your product for you.

This is an incredibly powerful ability because it means that you’ll have hundreds or thousands of people helping to sell your product for you rather than just doing it on your own.

You will give away commission and pay extra fees but in return you’ll exponentially increase the number of people who see your products. You can still carry on promoting your products yourself too, so that means that any additional sales you make this way will be on top of the sales you’re already making yourself.

In the perfect scenario, uploading your product to a product management system and accepting affiliates could mean that a top class marketer gets behind your product and starts pushing it for you. This could then result in you earning huge amounts of cash and generating gigantic amounts of traffic without even having to do anything yourself. Not only is the product selling on its own but it’s also being promoted on its own. This means that you don’t have to be an expert marketer yourself in order to generate the cash flow.