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Domain Name and Web  Hosting

Next you need a domain name and web hosting. These are the basic elements necessary to begin building a website. Web hosting means space on a server to upload files so that they can be seen by users connected to the web. Your domain name meanwhile is the URL that will direct people to that site.

At this point you will have a few choices to make. With regards to your domain name, you’ll want to choose something catchy, memorable and professional. Shorter is usually better as it provides more easy marketing opportunities. You should also keep the URL relevant to your niche (the topic of your book/course/software) which will help you when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). You also need to choose whether to go for a ‘.com’, ‘.net’, ‘.org’ or other TLD (top level domain). Here it’s usually best to choose ‘.com’ as it’s professional, memorable and pretty much the ‘standard’.

If you plan on selling lots of products then you might want a more generic name (such as ‘’), whereas if you are creating the site to sell a single product you can be a bit more specific (‘’). Do keep in mind that whatever you choose you are going to be limited by availability. URLs must be unique so you can forget any hope of getting ‘’ unless you’re willing to find the owner and pay them through the nose!

To register for a domain name, I recommend NameCheap –

In terms of hosting, you need to choose a provider and a type of account. Hosting packages vary in a number of ways which affects the number of visitors you can have on your site at once, how backed up your files are and how many files you can store without running out of space. Different companies also come with different reputations with regards to their reliability, customer service and other factors.

One of the best known hosting providers out there is Bluehost (

Bluehost host some of the biggest sites on the web as well as lots of smaller sites for start-ups and entrepreneurs. They have a very helpful control panel (Cpanel) which makes it easy to monitor your files, set up email accounts and install WordPress etc. Their customer service is also good and they have a number of different packages to suit every budget.

To start with, you likely won’t be generating hundreds of thousands of visitors so any basic package offered by Bluehost will do. In the future you might want to consider moving to a dedicated server or a cloud hosting package, but only if you start noticing slow down etc.